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Dexter Russell 8 Piece Green River Buffalo Skinner Butcher Set


Dexter Russell 8 Piece Green River Buffalo Skinner Butcher Set

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Product Description

Dexter Russell 8 Piece Green River Buffalo Skinner Butcher High Carbon Steel Set

A Dexter Russell Traditional Set is for serious hunters and farmers that uses Dexter Russell and the legendary Green River Knives, the knives that "won the west"


John Russell, an English immigrant, played a significant role in the early American cutlery industry. The establishment of his tool and cutlery manufacturing in 1834 marked the beginning of a legacy that would leave a lasting impact on American frontier life.


Russell's decision to set up a new factory on the Green River in Massachusetts in 1836 was strategic. The Green River provided a valuable source of water power, essential for operating the machinery involved in the cutlery production process. This move allowed Russell to enhance the efficiency of his manufacturing operations.


The quality of Russell's knives quickly gained recognition, rivaling the renowned cutlery produced in Sheffield, England, a major center for the industry at the time. As American settlers began moving westward in the 1840s, Russell's Green River knives became popular companions on the frontier. These knives were valued for their durability, sharpness, and reliability, making them essential tools for survival in the challenging conditions of the American West.


The phrase "up to Green River" entered the American lexicon as a testament to the exceptional quality of Russell's knives. It became a colloquial expression indicating that something was well-constructed or very well done, reflecting the reputation of Green River knives for their superior craftsmanship.


In summary, John Russell's contributions to the American cutlery industry, particularly through the production of Green River knives, played a crucial role in shaping the tools that accompanied settlers as they moved westward. The legacy of Russell's knives endures not only as historical artifacts but also in the linguistic expressions that highlight their exceptional quality.


These knives are 100% U.S.A. made non-stainless high carbon steel at Dexter-Russell, Inc. Massachusetts USA

Hand honed and ground to a superb edge retention and sharpening characteristics.


  • 8" Butcher Knife
  • 5 1/4" Lamb/ Sheep Knife
  • 4 1/2" Hunting Knife
  • 6" Buffalo Skinner
  • 5" Skinner
  • 7" Wide Boning Knife
  • 6" Stiff Curved Boning
  • 6" Stiff Narrow Boning

NOTE: The special high carbon steel blade will rust or tarnish if not maintained.  Hand wash and dry. 

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