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Product Lines

Barr Brothers Shop Here

Since its early beginnings, Barr Brothers has maintained a reputation for producing quality, American-made products which stand up under the most demanding use in the meat industry. All Barr Brothers hooks are made of stainless steel and hardened to a spring temper. Our hooks are guaranteed to handle the heaviest of loads without bending, breaking or taking a set. The shape of the hook gives them excellent balance, and they are less cumbersome than other hooks on the market.

Dexter Basics Shop Here

Are you looking for a quality knife for commercial or home use, but on a budget?  If so, look no further.  The Dexter Basics product line offers performance and value at an affordable price.

Cascade Shop Here

Cascade knives are designed by world-renowned knife designer, Ken Onion, the youngest inductee in the Knife maker’s Hall of fame. In 2013 Cascade received the Kitchen Knife of The Year Award presented by Blade magazine, the highest honor in the knife world. Ken’s cutlery designs combine the most advanced production capabilities, ergonomic study, style, shapes, and materials. Whether cooking is your profession, passion, or both; the Cascade series of kitchen knives is created to ensure everything you prepare exceeds expectations. Made in USA. NSF Certified.

Chef Revival Shop Here

Dexter Chef Revival offers quality kitchen cutlery featuring taper ground blades, super-sharp edges, and soft-to-the-touch, textured handles for a safe and secure grip. Seven color buttons allow for easy and economical compliance with color coding and food safety programs. All items are made from quality stainless steel and are NSF Certified.

Connoisseur Shop Here

The Connoisseur collection is a unique line that you will use in your gourmet kitchen and see in the finest restaurants all over the world. Impress your guests with these brilliantly designed knives.

Dexter Outdoors Shop Here

Dexter-Russell®, the experts in edges since 1818, offers all of the necessary tools to outfit enthusiasts in the hunting and fishing world. Choose the right tool, blade shape, edge configuration, and handle type to help process your catch. Each cutting edge will be sharp out of the box, long-lasting, easy to restore, and proudly made in the USA. Sharpening and storage solutions are also available to keep your Dexter knives sharp, protected, and ready to do the job.

DuoGlide Shop Here

The DuoGlide family of knives is designed to make it easier for those with arthritis to cut, chop, or slice, with greater comfort and less fatigue. DuoGlide combines Dexter Russell's renowned blade technology with an ultra-soft, right-sized and textured handle that can be gripped in several ways for more comfort and control.

Green River Shop Here


John Russell, an English immigrant, played a significant role in the early American cutlery industry. The establishment of his tool and cutlery manufacturing in 1834 marked the beginning of a legacy that would leave a lasting impact on American frontier life. Russell's decision to set up a new factory on the Green River in Massachusetts in 1836 was strategic. The Green River provided a valuable source of water power, essential for operating the machinery involved in the cutlery production process. This move allowed Russell to enhance the efficiency of his manufacturing operations.

The quality of Russell's knives quickly gained recognition, rivaling the renowned cutlery produced in Sheffield, England, a major center for the industry at the time. As American settlers began moving westward in the 1840s, Russell's Green River knives became popular companions on the frontier. These knives were valued for their durability, sharpness, and reliability, making them essential tools for survival in the challenging conditions of the American West.

The phrase "up to Green River" entered the American lexicon as a testament to the exceptional quality of Russell's knives. It became a colloquial expression indicating that something was well-constructed or very well done, reflecting the reputation of Green River knives for their superior craftsmanship.

In summary, John Russell's contributions to the American cutlery industry, particularly through the production of Green River knives, played a crucial role in shaping the tools that accompanied settlers as they moved westward. The legacy of Russell's knives endures not only as historical artifacts but also in the linguistic expressions that highlight their exceptional quality.

Heavy Duty Shop Here

Do you spend hours in a commercial kitchen environment?  The Heavy Duty knives are working knives designed to stand up to long hours of tough use. These blades are made wide and durable, with a comfortable contoured, textured handle for hours of continued use.

iCUT-PRO Shop Here

The iCut-PRO product line is the top choice among professional cooks and student chefs who are sticking to a budget, but are not willing to sacrifice quality for a cheaper price.

Industrial Shop Here

Dexter-Russell has the right tool for any industrial task. Our finest tool steel, durable hardwood handles, functional blade shapes, and just right flexibility help you get the job done. Our complete line of industrial cutlery offers skilled craftsmen and artisans the widest selection of professional industrial cutlery, providing the right tool for every task.

Processing Shop Here

Ergonomically designed knives to perform special cutting tasks such as trimming, boning, stripping, and ripping on conveyors, tables or overhead rail/hang conveyors.

Sani-Safe Shop Here

Dexter Russell Sani-Safe handles are used in commercial kitchens all over the world. You’ve seen that signature white handle in all types of restaurants, sub shops, pizza shops as well as home kitchens. Sani-Safe handles feature a textured, slip-resistant, easy to clean polypropylene handle that withstands high and low temperatures.

SofGrip Shop Here

The SofGrip line is the ultimate choice in non-slip handles. Their soft rubber grip handles reduce stress that may cause fatigue and wrist injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.  Available in black and white, the soft handle allows you to grip tighter to prevent slipping and increase control.

Traditional Shop Here

Wooden handle knives are the most popular handle material in the world. The Traditional line of cutlery has stood the test of time and is the choice of many who appreciate the feel of a wood handle. There is something to be said for great American made knives that have been used since the early 1800’s.

UR-Cut Shop Here NEW!

Dexter Russell now provides the latest in handle technology....personalized handles! Moldable handle material allows the user to form each handle to their particular grip, making the handle more comfortable to use and easier to grip.

V-Lo Shop Here

The V-Lo line is all about making chefs happy with quality and comfort. The handle is crafted with Santoprene and polypropylene. When combined, the softness of the Santoprene with the firm structure of the polypropylene creates a handle that is both comfortable and strong.