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Dexter Russell Industrial 2 1/2" Linoleum Knife 52160 VX752 1/2


Dexter Russell Industrial 2 1/2" Linoleum Knife 52160 VX752 1/2

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Dexter Russell Industrial 2 1/2" Linoleum Knife 52160 VX752 1/2

  A linoleum knife is a specialized cutting tool designed for the purpose of cutting linoleum flooring.  Featuring a short, sturdy blade with a pointed tip. The curved tip of the blade has a sharp edge that allows for easy and accurate cutting of linoleum sheets or tiles. The pointed tip is useful for making intricate cuts and navigating corners during the installation process. While linoleum knives are specifically designed for cutting linoleum, they may also be used for other tasks that require a sharp, pointed blade. However, it's important to note that using the right tool for the job is essential to ensure clean and efficient cuts while minimizing the risk of accidents or damage to the material.  

   A 2 1/2" linoleum knife, with its pointed and sharp blade, can be used for various tasks beyond just cutting linoleum.  Here are some potential uses for a linoleum knife of this type:  

   Linoleum Flooring Installation: As the name suggests, the primary purpose of a linoleum knife is for cutting linoleum flooring during installation. The pointed tip and sharp edge allow for precise cuts around corners and edges.  

   Vinyl Flooring: Similar to linoleum, a linoleum knife can be used for cutting vinyl flooring. Vinyl is another type of resilient flooring material that may require a sharp, pointed blade for accurate cuts. 

  Carpet Cutting: In some cases, a linoleum knife can be used for cutting carpet, especially when making detailed or intricate cuts. However, specialized carpet knives are more commonly used for this purpose. 

  Crafts and Hobbies: The precision offered by the pointed tip makes linoleum knives suitable for various crafts and hobbies. They can be used for cutting paper, cardboard, and other lightweight materials. 

  Trimming and Detail Work: The pointed tip is handy for trimming and detailed cutting tasks, whether it's for carpentry, woodworking, or other DIY projects. 

  Leatherwork: For certain types of leatherwork that require intricate cuts or patterns, a linoleum knife can be a suitable tool. 

  General Utility: In situations where a small, pointed blade is needed for cutting various materials, a linoleum knife can serve as a versatile utility knife. 

 Dexter-Russell has the right tool for any industrial task. Our finest tool steel, durable hardwood handles, functional blade shapes, and just right flexibility help you get the job done. Our complete line of industrial cutlery offers skilled craftsmen and artisans the widest selection of professional industrial cutlery, providing the right tool for every task.

SKU 52160

This is a single blade, for a box of 12 click here


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